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Will You Take A Pass On Google Glass?


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I must admit I’m a bit dubious regarding the newest technological advances that tend to combine wearable items with their practical application. You’ve all heard of it. Apple is supposedly on the very cusp of entering the wearable technology market, a market that has been opened up by Google, none the less. And who’s to say that the pioneers in the business will remain at the forefront of it, right? I mean, everyone thought Kodak will still be dominating the market and nobody expected Internet Explorer will follow the downfall of Netscape.

There’s a lesson to be learned from those two companies and it’s a simple one:  if you don’t keep up with the technological innovations, you might get left behind so bad you’ll never learn how to pick yourself up again. And that’s not a revolutionary thought but somehow it’s a rule a lot of companies have problems sticking to. Enters Google, one of the most advanced technological companies in the world. Google doesn’t share the same problems with Netscape and Kodak. Instead, Google is trying its best to innovate, organize and epitomize the very nature of search by taking it to the next level – blending it with our everyday environment.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with the way Google Glass looks while you’re wearing it. I don’t plan on going to mass on Sundays wearing that particular product and, yet, that’s what most people didn’t like about it, like that is going to shatter their public image into a million pieces. But let me ask you this: would you glue a laptop to your face? No you wouldn’t, because you don’t need to use it 24/7. Most people say they would use it if it didn’t make them look like Geordi LaForge (played by LeVar Burton on Star Trek) but in his own opinion:


It seems that wearability is their main cause of concern. The second cause might be their eyeballs popping out because the resolution is so poor it really strains your eyes. It seems that Google hasn’t fully developed its product and rushed to get it out as soon as possible. With a price tag of over $1500, anything would be a hard sell, even a Macbook Pro that holds much more features than Google Glass.

I „love“ the fact that Google actually had a contract clause saying they will shutdown the device if it was sold to another person. Because they want to know exactly who they’re monitoring at any given moment, right? If John sold the device to Mary without Google knowing it, then their spy database would be useless. And that’s a major concern with this product – privacy. I’m not saying we have any, but with this product, we will sure have none. Almost anyone would be able to hook up to our Google Glass camera and see everything we see. Our worlds would transform into a reality show that we didn’t apply for and we have no idea who’s watching it with us.

Keep in mind, Glass is in its infancy and only because it fails in the testing phase, that doesn’t mean it will be a disappointment when it comes out. Hey, it happened during Steve Jobs’ keynote, so it could happen to anybody. That’s why testing phases exist, to perfect the product. Some of the more recent changes with Google Glass include design, no more shutdowns if you sell the device, etc. Personally, I don’t predict a bright future for it but that’s just because I’m waiting on Google Lense, or whatever Glass evolves into.  Additionally, Google has a habit of shutting down projects if they don’t seem to click with their customers. Here is an in depth analysis of Google Closure Predictions.   What is your opinion on Google Glass? Have you tried it out? Is it worth the trouble? Will it follow the same path as Google Wave, Google Lively, Google Video and Google Buzz?


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