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The Next Web Conference Pt. I: Brian Solis

So we landed in Amsterdam maybe two hours ago. This is our first Next Web Conference and everything is going smoothly so far. Pardon the unpolished humor as this post is written while I’m sitting on a beanbag at the OneDrive corner. The presentation that just hit us was done by Brian Solis who is the principal of the Altimeter Group and a digital analyst. He talked about disruptive technologies, digital Darwinism and changing the world, all concepts we will explore in depth in our future posts.


Recently, we wrote about information overload and the same “problem” perfectly relates to digital Darwinism as technology is rapidly evolving and we seem to be unable to keep up with it. When we don’t see our reflections in the black mirrors of our computer and smartphone screens, we seem to be blinded by them. That’s what Brian calls digital disruption and it stems from the term ‘disruptive technologies’, coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen. In turn, those very same disruptive technologies affect consumer behavior and decision-making. More updates coming soon.




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