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Privacy Clouds Your Judgment


It’s funny how people mistake privacy with paranoia. Because, lets face it, we’re not all nuclear scientists here. We’re not all exactly doing hardcore innovative mind-bending shit that needs to be kept under wraps for generations to come. Sure, things fappen every now and then. Hey, if you take a photo of your anus and have no idea what a cloud actually is, maybe it would be cool to delete that photo?

I mean, if Pamela Anderson has taught us anything, its that you could have sex on a boat with no internet access and still that’s no guarantee your recording wouldn’t end up on the Internet the very next day. Fast forward seventeen years later and we don’t really give a shit about privacy unless… ADVERTISING.


It is perfectly fine if your wiener spreads over the Internet like Ebola, but if advertisers use your private data, then it is time to say goodbye to electricity and move to Yemen. Still, if history has taught us anything, there is no such thing as an isolated location since this guy hacked into the New York Times from Guantanamo Bay. But that doesn’t matter. Nothing matters but the evil intentions of those Satanist advertisers because people don’t have a choice, right? They don’t know what’s good for them? It is Google and Facebook, those nasty harvesters that steal people’s data in order to manipulate them into buying even more stuff they don’t really need. These convictions are starting to sound like we are all imprisoned in a war camp, force fed products and then we buy them because of fear for our very lives. Greed, want’s and desires have no bearing in this case, right? We are never responsible for our own actions.

Still, for the sake of argument, let’s give people privacy. Or, at the very least, let’s give them an illusion of privacy (Ello, I’m looking at you, kid) and see what happens. The Tor Network is a great example, Silk Road to be specific. Just dive into the Deep Web and see what happens when you give people privacy. See how you can order an assassination or maybe a pound of heroin without actually becoming paranoid. Ah, feels better doesn’t it? It’s good to have a place that let’s you fulfill your deepest desires. It is good to be a private person.

Anonymity yields privacy but then again it breeds the same kind of hidden aspects of our personality as Silk Road. If you are anonymous in the digital realm, you are much more likely to let Mr. Hyde take over the control panel for you while surfing the web. Your opinions suddenly become a nightmare because you don’t have to be responsible for them, you can say whatever you want, whenever you want and to whomever you want. Your stupidity overwhelms you and your most basic urges define the trace you leave in the digital world. Does that mean that by becoming a very private person, you are essentially becoming an idiot?

Even though this research shows that people trust their computers more than they do their cellphones, people still don’t really care strongly enough about privacy. But then again, maybe they do. Before this gets out of hand, lets nip it in the bud.

Its pretty obvious nobody really cares about privacy but they only pretend they do. Because even though we don’t really trust our cellphones, we still install applications and store data that severely threatens our privacy. Even though we don’t trust our social networks, we still provide them with our real names, birth dates, genders, etc. Even though we don’t trust our computers, we still keep our very lives in them. And, most of all, even though rarely anyone understands how a cloud actually works, people still have no problems uploading their asses on it.



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