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Don’t Hate The Media, Become The Media

It’s been obvious for a while now that news is no longer a lecture and no longer exclusively in the hands of big media corporations. The news is now a … Continue reading

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Death Is So Amusing

After an accident, people usually gather around the scene and just stare at whats going on, whisper among themselves, ask questions, stand on their toes in order to catch a … Continue reading

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What You Read Is What You Believe

We’re all surfing the digital realm on a daily basis, taking what we read and learn online for granted. It has to be factual, otherwise it wouldn’t be there, right? … Continue reading

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The Loss Of Individuality

 If you really want to go back in time, individuation began with mans separation from nature. Fromm compares it to being evicted from the Garden of Eden and he is … Continue reading

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Will You Take A Pass On Google Glass?

(Image taken from: ) I must admit I’m a bit dubious regarding the newest technological advances that tend to combine wearable items with their practical application. You’ve all heard … Continue reading

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Exposure for Musicians In The Digital Era

Somebody, I guess it could have been anyone, said that the Internet couldn’t survive on its own. It needs the real world to sustain it, because without it, there would … Continue reading

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