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From Private To Public

At first, privacy was a very physical notion. The laws written to protect it were related to trespassing and freedom from restraint. However, with the realization of human beings as … Continue reading

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Transmedia Is A Dirty Word

Transmedia is still in its inception, struggling to become a part of the real world, even though it can never exist solely in the real world. A lot of people ask … Continue reading

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Practices of the Situationist International in the Age of the Digital Spectacle

Abstract This essay will examine the work of the Situationist International and how their practices, skills and goals could be applied in the 21st Century. It will examine today’s digital … Continue reading

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Privacy Clouds Your Judgment

It’s funny how people mistake privacy with paranoia. Because, lets face it, we’re not all nuclear scientists here. We’re not all exactly doing hardcore innovative mind-bending shit that needs to … Continue reading

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Did Nestlé’s Chairman Just Say Water is Not A Basic Human Right?

Nestlé has always had a bad rep. From buying cocoa leaves from exploited workers to depleting and damaging entire areas for the production of mineral water. I could go on … Continue reading

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The Next Web Conference Pt. II: Survival Of The Popular

Are you liking what you really like or are you liking the skewed perception of yourself? It’s a question rarely anybody honestly answers yet it is one that leaves us … Continue reading

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The Next Web Conference Pt. I: Brian Solis

So we landed in Amsterdam maybe two hours ago. This is our first Next Web Conference and everything is going smoothly so far. Pardon the unpolished humor as this post … Continue reading

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